Writers Of Color Discussing Craft – An Invisible Archive

My essay, “Year One,” was featured in De-Canon: A Visibility Project’s “Writers of Color Discussing Craft – An Invisible Archive.”  I’m proud to be part of this reader; this is just the kind of resource I wish I had when I was in grad school and one that we need both within and without graduate programs.  As they well put it: “A few weeks ago I was thinking about how Junot Diaz often comments on the fact he’s almost never asked to speak about craft, and instead always is asked to talk about race, identity, and the immigrant experience. And it’s true — when I think about all the books on writing craft I’ve read or heard about over the years I’m struck by how few POC-authored books on writing I’ve seen.  Are they really that rare? Or are the books and essays out there, but we don’t know where to find them?”  Please visit De-Canon to read in full.